So little yet so destructable

If you are looking for a pest free environment, Pestshield pest control is your one stop shop. Any wooden structures are subject to termite infestation. Talking termites….they are well known for rapid growth and will quickly eat their way through even the toughest wood and timber structure. Consequently, this will cause irreversible damage to wooden cupboards, doors and window frames, as well as floorboards.

Owner, Benjamin Lloyd, has been actively involved in all aspects of the pest control industry for almost 3 decades.  He is always available, as are his team. They will offer expert advice on the most effective elimination treatment for pest infestation.

Once termites move in, the structural integrity of your property is at risk. Its a fact that they will multiply very quickly…but there is good and bad news. The good news is, at the rate a single termite eats wood, it would take one termite approximately 3000 years to eat the wood in a 1,000 square foot property. Sadly, the bad new is that termites do not live in isolation. They live in colonies of thousands, and get this, can go into the millions depending of their species. Therefore it goes without saying that once you are aware of a termite problem, get it fixed immediately! In the event that you are unaware of a problem, or fail to get it sorted, the damage can be extensive. Sealing off of entry points is key. In very extreme cases, we seal off the entire property, using tented structures.

Our promise is to use the most effective up-to-date pesticides. We strive to stay ahead of the pack with better products which equates to safer and more effective products.

Prevention and treatment – Termite bait and liquid treatments are the best ways to prevent termites from getting into your home and causing damage. Once they are in though, we would have to go the treatment route. There are other preventative measures which include eliminating wood-soil contact. We would also determine if there are any moisture problems. However, these measures will not keep termites from trying to gain access to your valuables.