Cockroach Control in Durban

Not a Joke!Cockroach in Durban

The joke, everyone’s fine with cockroaches until we realise it has wings, is alive and well! They are the most common pests and cockroach control in Durban is challenging, as they are extremely hardy. Effective removal of cockroaches and roaches in your home or business requires identification of the source and access points. These need to be sealed off very quickly. Very specific pesticides are essential to safely and permanently remove these pests from your home and business.

Do roaches spread disease?

Yes, like birds and some other types of vermin, roaches spread disease and pose some serious health risks. First of all, we will contain the problem, using very specific chemical pesticides to treat affected areas whilst at the same time enforcing preventative and precautionary measures to avoid the problem re-occurring. Our processes involve safe, eco-friendly substances that will not have any adverse or harmful effects on you or your pets. Also, our quick acting pesticide is safe for the environment.

Total Eradication!

Secondly, total eradication is of extreme importance – some companies have to return to re-spray, we do it right first time.  We also educate you to ensure that the problem will not return because of carelessness. Don’t leave your pets food lying around. Feed your animals and cover up their bowls. These scavengers will be sure to visit their bowls if food remnants are left lying around. Also, newspapers, old papers and documents stored in corners and cupboards are the perfect breeding ground for these brown horrors. Clothes hanging in cupboards are warm and cosy havens as well. Our pest management program will ensure efficacy whilst giving you peace of mind as well as value for money.

Cockroaches in Durban

Finally, cockroaches cannot survive in a sterile environment, therefore, we recommend that you wipe counter tops and keep eating areas crumb free. Keep drains clean and covered. Give us a call today on 031 4671935 and we’ll have you de-roached in a jiffy!

Kiddies Corner:  Did you know?

  • Roaches are also cockroaches, but only the species living around humans are referred as to as roaches.
  • Like bats, they are nocturnal creatures, and spend the daytime hours hiding near food and water.
  • There are over 4000 species of cockroaches in the world. South Africa’s top nuisance include German, American, Australian, Oriental and brown banded cockroaches.