The problem with birds moving into your roof, vent or chimney area, can mean unmitigated mess. That can be cleaned, but the hazardous health threat this creates can cause bigger problems. Bird droppings with bacteria can cause widespread illness to ourselves and our pets. Apart from the droppings and mess and the resultant smell, the noise can also be a huge problem.

With almost 30 years of experience in this arena, our pest control team will immediately assess and determine the extent of the issue and move to eradicate the problem humanely. We will attempt to remove the birds without harm or undue distress to the nesters and their offspring. In some instances, we will ‘pigeon proof’ your property to prevent a repeat occurrence. Mesh is the most popular solution to this problem.

Known diseases such as Pigeon Ornithosis, Encephalitis, Salmonellas, Gastroenteritis and Tuberculosis can be spread by the droppings of our flying friends. As if that’s not bad enough, birds also carry ectoparasites.

What are Ectoparasites? These are divided into two main groups, arachnids and insects, classified by structural characteristics. The arachnid group includes ticks and mites. The insect group consists of fleas, flies, mosquitoes and lice.

Some of the problems nesters can create:

Machinery damage

Bird droppings contain uric acid bird which can do great damage to air conditioning equipment, industrial machinery, insulation and other excesses. Equipment damage can be costly.

Fire starters – birds use whatever they can find to build their nests. More often than not, these are flammable. Bits such as straw, twigs, and other birds’ dried droppings are the most common things they use.  Birds love to build inside electric signs or other machinery – this is a great fire risk.  Electric sign companies reckon that the major cause for these fires is bird nests. Electrical fires run into hundreds of thousands of rands worth of damage.

Ventilation Systems blocked by Bird Nests poses obvious health risks. Pigeons will set up home in any covered, accessible area.  

Ceilings – often the weight of their droppings becomes too much and the ceiling will collapse, causing more damage.

Call us for advice, as each situation is unique.