Ant control – be ant-free in DurbanAnts

Ant Extermination

When you’ve tried the natural home remedies for ants – talcum powder, vinegar, etc, to get rid of them – give Pestshield a call laugh

Life Span

Ants breed extremely fast with a female having a life span of around 15 years, if no one stands on them. Some breeds of ants are very small and burrow and nest in large colonies out of sight. This makes it quite hard to determine the extent of the problem. Our expert team will find out in a very short space of time, and offer you the most appropriate, best solution. 

Ant colonies can usually be located by the surface dirt or soil left at the main entry points. As the little critters tunnel their way into the soil, the soil they dig out of their way leaves a tell-tale trail on the surface.  Tunnelling can be so extreme as to cause structural damage to pathways or garden areas, resulting in costly and time consuming repairs.  Pestshield Durban will employ a process that will leave you ant free and happy.

An invasion is also very common in food preparation areas and kitchens which can be hazardous to health. We’ve all had to throw out food because of them frown

antsPrevention – avoid problems by keeping dustbin areas as clean as possible. Don’t leave food lying around….this will attract not only ants, but other pesky pests! If you still are invaded, fear not! We will quickly sort out the problem – call our pest control people 0314671935 for expert service.

Kiddie corner…..Did you know?9TR5gEKAc

  • There are more than 11,900 species of ants all over the world
  • An ant can lift up to 20 times its own body weight
  • Most species of queen ants live for many years and have millions of offspring
  • Ants hear vibrations in the ground through their feet
  • Ants don’t fight often, but when they do, its to the death
  • Ants leave pheromone scents where they have hunted for food, so they know if they’ve been there before.
  • Queen ants shed their wings when they start a new nest